Brain-Dead Boy gets reprimanded for vigilanteism

Brain-Dead Boy

Adventure 1

After sending the would-be bank robber to work on the test, Officer O'Malley looks at Brain-Dead Boy with disgust.

"Faith, and it's a fine, foolish lad you are!", he says, "to be attacking an armed man with nothing but your bare hands. You could have been shot, which would be no great loss, and you could have caused these poor folks to be hurt as well." He waves his arms at the mother with the young boy and the old gentleman cashing his pension check.

"Now, there's nothing I can be arresting you for right now, but I'm warning you, me boyo, that I'll be keeping my eye on you, and I don't want to hear of you playing any more of these foolish games, do you hear?"

Brain-Dead Boy nods and thinks of his nickel. Rather than put that money into the bank, he decides to take it over the George's Emporium and buy a piece of penny candy to drown his sorrows.


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