Chad Childers


A challenging position in a world-class organization, where I can guide information security strategy.


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Privacy & Special Projects                                       1/2004 - present
Ford Motor Company                                                   Dearborn, MI

IT Security Systems & Executive Support.  Subject Matter Expert (SME) on privacy, password policy, encryption, PKI, eTrust.  Member of Security eTracker team during SOX Stand-Down, handled issues and wrote password policy FAQ. 

Responsible for managing IT Policy Deviation Review Board, writing process and procedures, recruiting board members, handling deviation related questions to ITPOLICY inbox ranging from telecommunications routers to HR data warehouse, managing agenda and running DRB meetings, tracking statistics (closed 250 out of 311 deviation requests received in 2004), formally sending approvals, and handling individual deviation requests, closed more requests as a primary than any other single board member.

IT Security representative for projects involving the Office of the General Counsel, served as a point of contact with OGC and answered questions relating to policy, especially regarding email.  Participated in HIPAA Security weekly progress meetings, Privacy Working Group meetings, special projects from Volvo vehicle service bay diagnostics to SecurID and application firewall procedures.   Headed two 6-Sigma green belt projects.  Developed worldwide Privacy Policy Map for the Privacy Office, Data Protection Map for Security.  Reviewer for new IT Policy Manual revision to use COBIT framework.  Wrote standards and procedures to enable compliance, liaison with standards bodies, proactive pursuit of new industry developments and technology, answering internal questions, monitoring legislation, standards, and privacy issues, including ISO 17799, Sarbanes-Oxley, California SB 1386, CAN SPAM.  Taught a variety of security awareness classes, Ford IT Explorer classes, active in developing security awareness campaign. 


Cryptographic Services Architect                                  8/1/99 – 1/2004
Ford Motor Company                                                   Dearborn, MI

Global PKI Implementation, rolled out 15000 client certificates and 2000 server certificates.  Owned Secure Email project, enhanced PKI vendor responsiveness, brought about radical improvements in Key Management (KMS) reliability, set up operations support group, metrics, and implementation plans.  Wrote Infrastructure Control Review, and closed it with General Auditor's Office.  Drove rollout of GoSecure for Exchange and VeriSign Client OnSite to outstanding successful conclusion worldwide.  Responsible for product management, consultation, strategy, and standards.  Established Certificate Practice Statement and Certificate Policy.  Owned SSL Server OnSite certificate strategy and contract renewal.  Responsible for renewal of Ford Registration Authority.  Worked with Office of the General Counsel to develop and publish corporate encryption policies.  Integration Test Lab product owner for encrypted/signed email, Adobe digital signatures, etc.   PKI product owner through two annual audits with no comments.

Led team which delivered technical solution and documentation to get a large international group of executives in Ford and subsidiaries on secure email for a secret project with severe time constraints, recognized with IT BEST award.  Served as SME on Blackberry and AvantGo implementations.  Managed vendor relationships with VeriSign and RSA.  Product owner for BSAFE encryption toolkits.  Extremely talented at managing vendor relationships, driving projects to successful completion. 

Maintained contacts with all other major security vendors.  Organized monthly information sharing sessions, contacts with Automotive Industry Action Group.  Developed Asia-Pacific strategy.  Defined App to App Encrypted Data Transfer project, established requirements and pilot groups, which eventually became FMCcrypt application. 

Responsible for an internally developed Web Single Login (WSL) product, with 150,000 users, interfaces to the IBM PROFS mainframe, iPlanet LDAP, and Microsoft Exchange for authentication and password synchronization.  Deployed tools for access control on over 1,000 servers worldwide.  Designed and deployed high availability architecture across two data centers. Cisco LocalDirector and Distributed Director administration.  Coordinated development of Human Resources security system. Managed a project to develop an extranet version of the corporate WSL product from start to finish, including cost recovery.  WSL product owner through successful audit with no comments.  Served as WSL SME for the General Auditor's Office.  Worked with RSA Keon Desktop and Certificate Authority, SeOS/eTrust, IPSec. Involved in all phases of intra/extranet security planning.


Corporate World Wide Web Administrator                          9/10/95 - 7/30/99
Ford Motor Company                                                   Dearborn, MI

Acknowledged technical expert regarding the Web. Instrumental in establishing much of the structure and administrative procedures for the Web at Ford. Strong positive force in group morale under pressure, getting technical experts to come to consensus.  Deployed corporate stock data feed, working with Ford Finance Staff, Quote.Com, and Dow Jones to heighten awareness of shareholder value. Participated in corporate advanced technology planning efforts. Drove agreement on corporate standard MIME types, Perl support. Responsible for systems administration, planning, and support of Ford Internal Web Hub and Product Development Systems Web Server, as well as technical standards for all internal Web servers. Chaired bimonthly meetings of Ford Web Administrator's Forum, Web Authors Forum, Web Hub planning and Hot Site selection committee, Ford Newsmasters Group. Also responsible for systems integration and selection of Web and work group software. Maintained Corporate Directory Service, implemented Corporate orgchart server, web search engine, and event calendar. Wrote Corporate policy statements, had primary responsibility for the Administration section of the Center of Excellence for Web Technology, as well as general editorial responsibility. Managed supplier relations and technical strategy for Netscape Communicator rollout to approximately 100,000 desktops. Participated in Automotive Industry Action Group efforts to set Electronic Data Interchange standards. Responsible for strategy management of Internet site blocking and USENET news efforts. Newsmaster of Manager of Web Technology Reuse Center. Planned Reuse/Training for NT based Accelerated Solution Centers.

Project Leader                                                   1/1/89 - 9/29/95
MIS International @ Ford                                             Dearborn, MI

Responsible for software development, support, and marketing for FMEAplus® and QuickCDI software at Technical Affairs Division, Environmental and Safety Engineering Staff, Engineering Materials and Standards Department. Over 5,000 copies of the quality software have been sold, and it is still being used by all divisions of Ford, as well as General Motors, Nissan, Motorola, Compaq, TRW, Boeing, Rockwell International, GTE, GE, and hundreds of other companies worldwide.  Led a joint US - European team to develop Windows and UNIX software in English and German languages, developed a client/server package. Responsible for administration of a Class C internal network, workstations, and Internet mail. Representative to online document viewing task force that allowed HTML for internal information delivery at Ford in 1993.  Responsible for the first WWW server at Ford.

Lead Programmer on the FMEAplus® project. Responsible for design, technical specifications, programming (~41,000 lines of code with three programmers) and support of a full featured Failure Mode and Effects Analysis system, from conception to Version 3.0, for both standalone and LAN versions.


ISC2                           CISSP                              Dunedin, FL
VeriSign Inc.                  OnSite PKI Administrator           Chicago, IL
RSA Security                   Keon Administrator                 Detroit, MI
SANS Institute                 Windows 2000/XP Security           Washington, DC
Sun Microsystems               Advanced Java                      Dearborn, MI
XVT Software Inc.              XVT for C Developers               New York, NY
University of Bielefeld        Online Biocomputing course         Germany
Tulane University              Bachelor of Science Degree         New Orleans, LA
Harvard University             Advanced Placement Program         Cambridge, MA
St.Andrews School              College Preparatory Degree         Boca Raton, FL


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2000-pres Chairman, Detroit Security Lunch Group

1999-pres Board of Directors, Friends of the Library, Dearborn

2001-pres Treasurer, SF Oral History Association
1995-2000 Chairman, Ford Web Administrators Group
1992-1999 Regional Councilor, Software Division, American Society for Quality
1997-1998 Board of Directors, Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association
1990-1991 Co-chairman, Ford X Windows/Motif Programmers Group

National Merit Scholar, Thomas J. Watson Memorial Scholar (IBM).

2004 IT Security Award

2004 ITI BEST Award

1993 Ford E&SE Achievement Award

Letter of Commendation from S.M. Frey, Ford Motor Company V.P. for Quality

Eagle Scout w/ Palm.

SCUBA certification

Fluent French, write/program German, some Italian.