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Burstable T1 Internet for $150.00 per month!

Example pricing

These examples are based on real-world Msen customers. Green represents bandwidth from the customer while blue represents bandwidth to the customer. Each of these bandwidth plots were taken on a normal business day for these customers.
This is a snapshot of what the bandwidth usage looks like at one customer on a typical business day. For this customer, the $150.00 minimum bandwidth charge would apply. Even though they have fast response to the Internet, their 5 minute averaged bandwidth peaks at 562.5K and their 95% utilization is very low at 71.3K.
Monthly Peak:
95% Utilization:
Bandwidth charge:

Here is a snapshot for a business customer who provides web services and provides Internet access for the office. Although this customer uses the entire T1 line from time to time, their usage is bursty so they pay a very reasonable bandwidth charge. The spike at 4 am is a backup.
Monthly Peak:
95% Utilization:
Bandwidth charge:

This is a snapshot of another business that uses Msen for their bandwidth. Their utilization is more regular and sustained than the previous two examples and the price reflects this.
Monthly Peak:
95% Utilization:
Bandwidth charge:

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