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Msen, established in 1991, is one of Michigan's oldest full service commercial Internet Service Providers.

24x7 network monitoring and technical support utilizing our highly experienced technical staff can swiftly deal with issues that arise. Regular analysis of bandwidth utilization means we can anticipate resource limits and increase capacity so that customers do not encounter resource restraints and consistently experience rapid response times.

Msen customers have told us:

"You guys have been fantastic, and we'd recommend you to anyone."

"Msen has always been the most technically adept company we've dealt with, and your response and service has been outstanding."

"I just wanted to let you know that your employees have been doing a fantastic job with special concerns/requests that we've had."

"Your tech staff is top notch."

"Msen has been awesome about helping us out."

"We have had nothing but excellent service and support since we have been online."

"The service has been very excellent and connections even work during and after strong weather storms."

"Whoever the man is that answers the phone and says Welcome to Msen, Michigan's Best Run Internet Service Provider is so right."

Voice: (248) 740-3400

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